09 4 / 2013

There is a lot I want to accomplish in my short time on this planet. Owning and controlling my own pro-woman media conglomerate, procuring the elusive EGOT, and finally getting through all of Gone With the Wind in one sitting are certainly at the top of a lengthy list of future goals. I want to visit every continent, dine with political super powers, and take luxurious vacations along the Mediterranean in my own line of biodegradable swimwear. So where do children fit into this picture, if at all?

It is assumed that women inherently want kids. It is expected that we pop out two or three or eight, in consecutive order, by the time we’re 30. I mean, that’s a huge part of our identity as the child bearers of the world, right? It’s the one thing that we can do that men physically cannot (you know, besides that whole menstruating business). We have this glorious, hymn-inducing, salt-of-the-earth power to produce new life, of course we’re going to have a biological craving to make carbon copies. Right? …Right?

Several studies have recently shown that women are having fewer children, and later in life. There’s also a rising minority of us who are choosing to forgo motherhood all together. In many ways, that decision is the ultimate scarlet letter. You’re actively choosing to not partake in the most sacred aspect of your gender, and no matter how progressive the society, there are obvious questions and concerns that come along with that decision. 

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