25 3 / 2013

The summer started out on an individual bashing note. Aisha Tyler received insane backlash after she hosted the E3 press conference. She defended herself and her lifelong love of gaming. This was only one instance of the increasingly visible misogyny in gaming culture. Anita Sarkesian received an incredible amount of horrible hate — or, as she calls it, image-based harassment and visual misogyny(serious SERIOUS trigger warning– the images are very hateful and disgusting). And then Felicia Day was denigrated as a “booth babe” on Twitter because she didn’t make any serious contribution to nerd culture.

But those personal attacks were just the beginning. It got broader, much broader, with “Booth Babes Need Not Apply” by Joe Peacock, in which he misused the hugely visible platform of CNN’s Geek Out! blog to denigrate women who have “no interest or history in gaming taking nearly naked photos of themselves with game controllers draped all over their bodies just to play at being a ‘model.’” In one breath, he heaps admiration on those women he deems “real geeks” (ironically defending Felicia Day), while slamming those who he considers “booth babes,” saying that, “they’re poachers. They’re a pox on our culture.” He accuses these “fake geek girls” of being the reason that “real geek girls” like Felicia Day get attacked.

There are, of course, a hundred horrible assumptions made right there. The first of which is that thereare such things as “fake geek girls,” ie women who are not at all interested in geek fandoms who spend hundreds of dollars on costumes, hotels, and con tickets just to get a thrill from being seen as attractive for a few days by a bunch of men who inside are “13-year-old boys who like to objectify women and see them as nothing more than butts and a pair of boobs to be leered at.” (Peacock’s words, not mine.) Last I checked, most of the women who cosplay do it because… well, they like to cosplay.

Read the article on Feminspire!

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    because “contributing to geek culture” is so great who wants to be responsible for the next “bazinga” or whatever
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    As a new gamer, I appreciate this…
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